New Phase – Transitioning out of my role as Executive Chairman of Obopay.

When the co-founders and I started Obopay in 2005, it was our dream to offer affordable banking and electronic payment services to ALL people over their mobile phone. As we enter 2012, that dream is a reality on three continents.

The Obopay team has an exciting future ahead. Mobile banking and mobile payments are changing everything – leapfrogging traditional infrastructure and enabling high levels of service to those who have been chronically underserved. 2012-2015 will be the period when over a billion people will get first time access to banking through their mobile phone.

As Obopay focuses on creating even greater scale, I will be transitioning out of my role as Executive Chairman of Obopay. I remain passionate about technology innovation in banking, emerging market innovations in mobile and social, and big ideas. I am already starting to plan what is next for me – and will make sure to keep you informed of what is new in my life.

As I leave my role, I take with me many new friends and great memories.

About Carol Realini

Serial Entrepreneur, Mobile Payments and Banking Pioneer, Author, Board Member Carol Realini is a successful Silicon Valley executive and expert in financial service innovation. She has worked with leading financial institutions including MasterCard and Citi, as well as numerous multinational and regional banks, to change the way banking is conducted. In 2011, as a Technology Pioneer attending the World Economic Forum, she led discussions on alternative banking at their meeting in Davos. A serial entrepreneur, she has been recognized as one of the 50 Top Women in Technology by Corporate Board Member magazine. Carol is a huge believer in the potential of mobile banking and payments to create financial inclusion - where everyone with a mobile phone has access to affordable financial services that empower their life and work. To understand Carol's vision please watch the WEF video (click on the link below). Carol also mentors entrepreneurs providing wisdom and lessons learned from her four successful startup experiences.
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6 Responses to New Phase – Transitioning out of my role as Executive Chairman of Obopay.

  1. Shankar Chellani says:

    Obopay has had about 6 years and 8 months of excellent leadership from Carol !!! Carol propelled Obopay to the position it is now. I still remember the email from Carol on 5th anniversary for Obopay where she mentioned..“There have been bumps in the road and periodic setbacks; however, we have successfully navigated obstacles, persevered through challenges and are prepared to capture the promise of the future”…You did it, Carol !!! Carol has bought recognition to Obopay in the industry. Her vision, efforts and commitment to this child made it transform in to a Adult (Obopay has grown through geographies). It has always been a pleasure to work with Carol. She has the eye to judge which flower can be transformed in to a fruit. I wish Carol all the best and good luck for your future endeavors. Hope to work with such a visionary again.

  2. Lynda Lopez says:

    You are a true visionary, your foresight into mobile payments is and always has been nothing short of amazing. Best wishes in all of your future projects!

  3. Nancy King says:

    Congratulations! I look forward to hearing what’s next. I so value the role you’ve played in my success. Thank you for that.

  4. Does this mean you will have time for hikes? ;-))

  5. Ayo Olagundoye says:

    Dear Carol:
    I was privileged to be associated with you at the start of your work on the development of the Obopay platform. Your commitment and success in building an enterprise to provide financial services to the unbanked have been critical to the evolution of this space. Congratulations on your vision and the realization. Ayo

  6. Apologies for arriving late to the party! Like Ayo, I was honored to have played a part in Obopay’s early development. It’s been a thrill to see the company grow and thrive and to see the Obopay name in headlines. All the best to you, Carol, in the next phase of your career–I look forward to hearing about your next exciting idea!

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