Searching for Global Financial Inclusion Pioneers

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My co-author, Karl Mehta and I have both been working for years in the exciting field of mobile financial services. Reflecting on what has already happened, one can see the world reshaping. And yet, it is only the beginning.

But it has given us a view of what is possible. Our book Financial Inclusion at the Bottom of the Pyramid will spotlight what is happening today around the globe – which we think you will agree is quite extraordinary. The future of financial services is emerging – it is just not evenly distributed.bop cover

So much innovation is taking place, even in the most unlikely places. Who would have predicted that Kenya would become a leader in mobile banking innovation – but it is. We want to seek out all the best examples of financial inclusion in the world.

We need your help finding them. We don’t want to be limited to our networks and knowledge. We want to surface all the best examples – and showcase them. This will benefit the larger effort and will definitely benefit the people and companies involved. Emerging successes no longer have to be on an “A” list in Silicon Valley to be discovered. The world should understand the efforts and successes that are out there, no matter where they are.

And we have made it easy to contribute. A few simple ways are:

  • Reach out to your network and let them know about the upcoming book and the search for the best success stories.
  • Submit candidates for consideration – encourage others to do the same.  (Deadline for submissions is December 15).
  • Volunteer to be a FI@BOP ambassador. There is much to do. If you have time and want to help, become an ambassador by emailing  your interest to

In the last decade communications has reached billions who have traditionally been underserved. In the next decade, financial services can reach the 2.5 Billion that have been previously excluded. Be a part of making this happen. Get involved with the FI@BOP community.

More background on Karl Mehta can be found at

About Carol Realini

Serial Entrepreneur, Mobile Payments and Banking Pioneer, Author, Board Member Carol Realini is a successful Silicon Valley executive and expert in financial service innovation. She has worked with leading financial institutions including MasterCard and Citi, as well as numerous multinational and regional banks, to change the way banking is conducted. In 2011, as a Technology Pioneer attending the World Economic Forum, she led discussions on alternative banking at their meeting in Davos. A serial entrepreneur, she has been recognized as one of the 50 Top Women in Technology by Corporate Board Member magazine. Carol is a huge believer in the potential of mobile banking and payments to create financial inclusion - where everyone with a mobile phone has access to affordable financial services that empower their life and work. To understand Carol's vision please watch the WEF video (click on the link below). Carol also mentors entrepreneurs providing wisdom and lessons learned from her four successful startup experiences.
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