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FINX Challenge Reveals “It’s expensive to be poor…”

Not long ago, the Center for Financial Services Innovation organized a group of people from the financial industry and took them on a field trip of sorts. The objective was to determine just how expensive and difficult it can be to be … Continue reading

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Will the Fall of the CEO of Barclays Make a Difference?

Today Barclays CEO, Bob Diamond, was asked to resign and this has broader meaning than the removal of a single CEO. I believe the UK regulators and government were adamant that giving him a pass was not an option. So … Continue reading

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What my teacher taught me in grammar school about Banks

When I was in grammar school our teacher gave each student a small envelope, and we were told to save our pennies and put them in the envelope. On the appointed day we were to bring the coin-laden envelope to … Continue reading

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Bring Back George Bailey

In my lifetime the world has improved in many ways, but banking has not. People need banks to be there to help keep their money safe, save for education, build a future for their families, support their communities, and provide … Continue reading

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