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How Deep is the Financial Inclusion Problem in the US?

Many people assume that financial inclusion is a reality for everyone in the United States, and that access to financial services isn’t an issue for most people. As pointed out in the recently released movie Spent, the truth is quite different from that … Continue reading

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“Spent: Looking for Change” Highlights the Challenges of the Underbanked

It’s not easy to live outside the traditional financial system, and it’s not cheap, either. For millions of Americans, this has become a way of life that is dragging them deeper and deeper into debt and financial servitude. Fortunately, we live … Continue reading

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My letter to Jamie Dimon

In November of last year a group of payment innovators from Silicon Valley (including me) had lunch with Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMC. After meeting Jamie, I wrote him a letter with an idea for how JPMC can help improve … Continue reading

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Why I wrote “BankRUPT – Why Banking is Broken. How it can be Transformed”

With the book coming out next week I decided to blog about how I came to write the book, BANKRUPT Why Banking is Broken. How it can be Transformed.   The book was a decade in the making.   It … Continue reading

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